How Many Times Can You Have Hair Transplant?

Actually, the answer to this question is quite easy. If you have enough hair follicles in the donor area, hair transplantation can always be done. Unless, of course, there is an obstacle for other reasons. Another factor is the size of the bald area. The question can be asked as follows. Will the hair follicles taken from the donor area be enough to cover the bald area? Of course, simply closing it is not enough. It should happen density enough. All these factors have to be considered before making a decision.

The First Session Is the Most Important

Even if the donor area is sufficient, the best results are obtained in the first session. Because the strongest roots from the donor area can be collected in this session. Therefore, the best result is targeted in this session.Unfortunately, in this session, there may be those who suggest collecting and planting almost the entire donor area.This is the wrong approach. The expected benefit in hair transplantation is cosmetic. Excessive correction efforts harm the patient. It causes unsuccessful results.

What is the harm if more than necessary hair follicles are tried to be transplanted in one session? Prolongation of the session causes the collected hair follicles to stay outside the body for too long. Hair follicles may die because of this. So even if planted, they cannot survive. A prolonged operation means a greater risk of bleeding. Prolonged operation also increases the risk of infection. The hair transplant team gets tired and may act more carelessly. All these factors reduce the probability of success.

As I always say, grafts should be collected density enough to cover the bald area. It should not be overdone.

Extremes Should Be Avoided

This is especially important in young patients. We have to consider that testosterone activity in young patients will last for years. The hair we plant is largely durable. However, the original hair near the planted area will continue to fall out. In other words, the area where we plant may be thinned over the years. For all these reasons, it should always be considered that a second session may be required in young patients.

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