How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

Hair transplant process; How long do hair transplants last? In fact, the entire hair transplant process is an average of 1 year. In the beginning, the hair we transplanted falls out within 3 months. After three months, the transplanted hair begins to grow. Generally, approximately 50% of the transplanted hair grows in the 6th month. The drug called Finasteride shortens the process. Now let’s look all stages of hair transplantation one by one.

Doctor Examination and Planning

It is one of the most important stages of the hair transplant process. But, Are you suitable for hair transplantation? Do you have enough donor space to cover the bald area? Do you have a disease that prevents hair transplant operation? Are there any medications you have to use all the time? Do you have a chronic illness? For example, are you suffering from diabetes and hypertension? All these questions are very important. The doctor plans the operation taking all these situation. This process lasts about half an hour.

Creating The Frontal Hairline

The location of the anterior hairline is determined by the maximum number of grafts that can be taken from the donor area. With all this in mind, we draw the front line. After drawing, we will get your approval. Then all areas where the hair will be transplanted are marked. We measure this area in cm2. We calculate the frequency. Thus, we determine the number of grafts we need to collect. After this stage, we cut your hair with a machine. We wash your hair with shampoo and take you to the operation room. This stage lasts about 30 minutes.

Local Anesthesia Stage

First of all, we apply local anesthesia to the donor area. This stage takes about 15 minutes. Only at this stage is mild discomfort felt.

Pick Up of Grafts

At this stage, grafts are collected from the donor area. Also, We calculated how many grafts we needed to collect at the beginning of the operation. At this stage, we collect the number of grafts we want one by one. The grafts we collect are kept in a special solution. This lasts takes an average of 1.5 hours.

Opening Channels

Channels are opened with the help of a special tool. These are similar to scalpel. Also called Slit. Sapphire tips can be used for this purpose. In fact, the results are similar. The direction of the channels is very important. Channels determine the direction of hair growth. Therefore, direction must be given in the right direction. Sufficient frequency should be provided in the anterior region. All of these are related to the experience and knowledge of the hair transplant surgeon. The opening of the Channel lasts 1-1.5 hours.

Planting Grafts

At this stage, grafts waiting in a special liquid at the edge are taken. We plant these grafts one by one into the channels we open. This phase takes about 2 hours. After the hairs are transplanted, the donor area is covered with a special bandage. After all the controls are done, you can leave the clinic.

The First Two Days

During this period, you should rest. It will be sufficient to use the medicines we give you. Your head should be slightly up while lying down. You must use two pillows. It is not recommended to do work by leaning forward for a long time.

Third Day Washing

We will invite you to the clinic to wash your hair two days after the hair transplant. You will wash yourself in all the days after that, as we taught you.

First ten days

After washing the second day, you can wash your hair at home as we showed you. On the tenth day, you should wash your hair using plenty of shampoo as before. You should clean the scabs on your hair. You can wash normally after the tenth day.

First Three Months

Bad news for you. The hair we have planted will be lost temporarily. This takes up to three months. Don’t worry because they will start growing again after 3 months.

Sixth month

More than half of the transplanted hair has grown in the sixth month. The other half comes out in the next six months.

First year

At the end of the first year, almost all of the transplanted hair grows. It may take a little longer for the hair in the crown area to grow. Clinicante

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