Hair Transplant Prices

Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural?
Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural?

How much are the hair transplant prices? How is it determined? Some centers have very cheap hair transplant prices. Another center demands 2-3 times more the price for the same number of grafts. Why are hair transplant prices so different in Turkey? What are the average prices in a clinic I can trust in Istanbul? Let’s try to answer these questions.

How Expensive Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant price is directly related to the quality of the clinic. Unfortunately, doctor hair transplantation is not performed in many centers in Istanbul. Make sure you go to the clinics where the doctors do the procedure. It is not enough for the doctor to see you only in the preliminary interview. The doctor must plan the entire operation. In the Fue method, the channels are opened by the doctor.

If you have been to such a clinic, you may pay a little too much. It’s normal. Because hair transplantation is usually done once. You want the results to be perfect. Then you should be willing to pay a little extra. For this reason, you should have hair transplantation done by a doctor. Unfortunately, technicians who introduce themselves as doctors in Istanbul also perform hair transplantation. Stay away from these people. In addition, in some clinics, the doctor only conducts a preliminary interview. Our recommendation is that you should stay away from such clinics.

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Hair Transplant Prices

Another important point is that the clinic has a hair transplant license. No clinic in Turkey that does not have this license can legally do hair transplantation. Therefore, consult a fully equipped clinic or doctor. Do not go to clinics where doctors are not working or where nurses and technicians only perform hair transplantation. If you don’t get successful results, your money will be wasted. In other words, hair transplantation will cost you dearly.

What Are the Average Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey and Istanbul?

The prices below are for the clinics where doctors do the procedures. Generally, It only includes hair transplant prices. But, Many clinics already dispense your medications and shampoo. Usually hotel and transfer fees are not included in the price.

Hair transplant prices vary between 2000 – 5000 Euros. Also, Prices vary according to the quality and pricing policy of the clinic. In addition, the number of grafts is effective in price. But it is not the first factor. The prices we post here are for fue hair transplantation. We do not recommend the DHI method, so we will not talk about the prices here.

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