Can Anyone Get a Hair Transplant?

How is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant done?
How is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant done?

Really good question; Can anyone have a hair transplant? We asked questions to doctor Yakup Şensoy for information on this subject. Who can have hair transplantation? Can it be done to everyone? Who is the best candidate? Who will have the most successful hair transplant?

Male pattern Hair loss begins with puberty. We call it androgenetic alopecia. This is to indicate that it is affected by two factors. First, this type of baldness is genetic. In other words, in your family or ancestry, you have relatives who are bald and have hair loss. The second reason is androgen hormone. So it’s the male hormone. This hormone is not only found in men. At the same time, women also have a male hormone. The male hormone is testosterone.

Testosterone has important functions in both men and women. Testosterone Lack or less than normal causes significant problems. On the contrary, its excess creates problems. The main reason for hair loss is that the hair follicles are extremely sensitive to the testosterone hormone. Your genetic makeup contributes to this situation.

Who is True Candidate For a Hair Transplant?

After this general information, let’s return to our main topic. Only those with androgenetic hair loss are suitable for hair transplantation. Therefore, other causes of hair loss should be distinguished. Therefore, the doctor should examine you before the hair transplant. For example, if you have hair loss due to psoriasis, hair transplantation is not performed. If done, the situation could get worse.

Can Anyone Get a Hair Transplant?
Can Anyone Get a Hair Transplant?

Another example is hair loss caused by psychological reasons. Hair transplantation is not performed without correcting the psychological illness. Hair transplantation is not applied in the case of cicatricial alopecia. Hairs may fall out after chemotherapy. But after the treatment is over, hair grows again spontaneously. Hair transplantation is not performed due to chemotherapeutic baldness.

Some diseases that affect the general and the whole body are also causes of hair loss. For example, hypothyroidism is one of these diseases. Iron, zinc, and some vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair loss. These and similar reasons are very important. The person who will notice them is the doctor. Therefore, do not have a hair transplant in a clinic without a doctor.

Is My Donor Area Sufficient Get A Hair Transplant?

This is one of the most important questions. We collect the hair follicles from a narrow area at the back of the head. Therefore, the density of hair follicles should be sufficient in this area. There should be 80 hair follicles per cm2 on average. If so, enough hair follicles can be taken from this area.

Will The Entire Bald Area Be Covered In One Session?

This is one of the really difficult questions. The larger the bald area, the harder it will be to cover it. Sometimes you have to take a second chance in these situations. It may be healthier to divide very large areas into two sessions. The general tendency of hair transplant surgeons is not to increase numbers above 4000 grafts in one session. Because over these numbers, the hair transplantation period can be very long. If the grafts wait too long, success may decrease.

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