What Is the Best Age For Hair Transplant?

What Is the Best Age For Hair Transplant?
What Is the Best Age For Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, hair sometimes begins to fall out at a very early age. Therefore, when should we decide on hair transplantation in these early age shedding? What is the best age for hair transplant? Many hair transplant surgeons are hesitant about this. These young patients have high expectations. They rightly want hair like their peers. This situation really forces us at the decision stage.

In fact, the current and general approach is to wait until the average age of 25. Because our patient is very young and has years ahead. Medical treatments should be tried first before the age of 25. But of course this is not an absolute rule. The hair transplant surgeon should decide according to the situation. In some cases, an early decision can be made for hair transplantation.

While making a decision, the severity of hair loss is examined by examination. If waiting will cause unnecessary waste of time, a hair transplant may be decided. However, our primary goal should be to stop hair loss at an early age.

Medicines Used For Hair Loss

Hair thinning occurs in two ways. The first is hair loss. The second is the weakening of the hair follicles and the thinning of the hair strands due to this. Both of them cause the scalp to appear bald. Generally, hair falls out from front to back. The most common type of hair loss seen in men is androgenetic hair loss. The reason for 80% of androgenetic hair loss is genetic.

Androgen hormone is the most important cause of hair loss. But androgen is the male hormone and essential for the body. Because it has many functions in our body. So we can reduce or stop hair loss by affecting androgens. Today, there are drugs that work with this mechanism.

The main drugs are as follows:

  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Dutasteride

The doctor should decide on the dose and duration of use of all these drugs.

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