Fue Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant
Fue Hair Transplant

What is the FUE method?

The term FUE is the short version of “Folicular Unit Extraction” method. It refers to the separation and collection of hair follicles one by one from the surrounding tissue. With the cylindrical instruments on the millimetric edge, the hair root is separated from the tissue. These instruments are called micromotors. The small cylindrical apparatus attached to the end of micromotors is called “punch”.

The punches are between 0.6 and 1 mm in diameter. Your hair roots are closely examined by Clinicante hair specialists. Depending on whether hair roots contain single, double or triple hair, different types of punches are preferred. The thickness of hair roots varies according to the size of the head and the person. FUE is applied by choosing the most suitable apparatus for your hair plantation at our center .

How FUE Hair Transplantation is done?

In the FUE method, it is very important to collect hair roots without damage. Clinicante hair specialists apply FUE by examining hair roots with special magnifiers. It is very important to apply it in parallel with the hair root. The micromotor rotation speed even influences the success. Grafts are collected with this attention. The grafts treated with micromotors are collected one by one with atraumatic clamps.
The collected grafts are placed in petri boxes and rested with special solutions.

How FUE Hair Transplantation is done?
How FUE Hair Transplantation is done?

We follow the same steps as in an organ transplantation. Rapid planting is important to get the grafts together again as soon as possible. During rest, the grafts are cooled with special apparatus. So we keep their vitality at the maximum level.
In the FUE method, you will not feel any pain as you have initially undergone local anesthesia. Collection of hair follicles lasts 1-2 hours. Serum is injected under the skin to facilitate the intake and minimize trauma.
The grafts collected are counted meticulously. Planting is made properly.

At the beginning of hair plantation the area to be planted is marked. At this stage, you are also approved for the front line and the planting area. The area to be planted is completely anesthetized by local anesthesia. Then the canals are opened by sagittal slit technique. The canals should be opened precisely at the depth and width at which the grafts can fit. The number of the opened canals should be the same as the collected grafts so no grafts should be wasted. It goes to the planting phase. Grafts prepared in this stage are planted in the canals. This process is done one at a time.

canals in fue method
canals in fue method

What’s the difference between the Fue Method and the others?

The advantages of the FUE hair transplantation method compared to other methods are as follows:
1. The extraction of the whole tissue used in the Fue method is not applied here. This is why there is no operation mark nor gaps behind the head.
2. Bleeding is less.
3. Since the root is removed completely, unnecessary tissue is not left around, making it easier grafts to adapt
4. The results are more successful
5. Healing time is shorter
6. Can be done with local anesthesia
7. Painless
8. Risk of infection and bleeding is less
9. If professional people apply, time is short
10. Numerous grafts can be planted in a session

FUE healing process

Fue hair transplant post-healing is very fast. You are recommended to rest on the high pillow for the first 48 hours. You are asked to not to do any work leaning forward. Extremely tiring activities are not recommended.
Two days later we will wash your hair in our clinic. After two days, the healing progresses rapidly. Scab washing process is done after the 10th day. After this stage, the image almost returns to normal. After this day, you can return to normal life completely.

The hair will fall off in the first three months after hair transplantation. Do not panic as this is normal and  expected. After the third month, the actual result starts to show. The hair grows up to the sixth month. In month 12, the process is completed.

After the second week, it is recommended to massage the hair to increase blood flow. The hair follicles planted in this way provide faster adaptation.
Clinicante hair transplant team will follow you for 12 months and will give you recommendations when necessary.

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