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On this page, we will answer some questions about Turkish Hair Transplant. What should you consider when choosing a hair transplant center in Turkey? We wanted to briefly answer some of your questions.

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Why is Turkey Preferred for Hair Transplantation?

Question: Many people say that Turkey is very good in hair transplantation. Is this true? Is Turkey really good in hair transplantation? Why is Turkey preferred for hair transplantation?

Srefan*** Berlin  Germany March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist. Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): Yes, that’s true. Many people come to Turkey from Europe for a hair transplant. Actually, there are many reasons for this. Turkish doctors gained a lot of experience in hair transplantation over time. In this process, many technicians were trained to work in hair transplantation. At the same time, Turkey switched to the more successful FUE method very early. Of course, the most important factor is that people who have a hair transplant in Turkey are satisfied with the results. Those who have a hair transplant in Turkey recommend Turkey to their friends.In fact, hair transplantation is a long operation that takes 6-7 hours. People who will do hair transplantation should be patient. It is also an advantage that the team is young. Therefore, quite a high number of young technicians have been trained in Turkey. Turkish Hair Transplant

Thus, the dynamism of the sector has increased a lot. In addition, prices are considerably lower than in Europe. Moreover the Turkish private health system has made great progress in the last 30 years. In addition, Turkish doctors and the Turkish health system are at European standards.  As a result, Turkey has become the most preferred country in the world for hair transplantation.

Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center in Turkey?

Question: I want to have a hair transplant. I’m doing research. There are many centers in Turkey. I just can’t decide. Which is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

Paul*** Amsterdam  Netherlands March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist. Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):  You are absolutely right. All centers say they are the best. But let us help you find the best center in Turkey. First of all, the person performing the hair transplant in this center should be a doctor. In Turkey, only doctors are authorized to perform hair transplantation. Moreover, there should be a specialist doctor experienced in hair transplantation. If the doctor has a certificate on hair transplantation, this is a plus. Question how many years the doctor has been doing this job. As a result, stay away from clinics where there are no doctors and technicians do everything. In conclusion, hair transplantation is a surgical operation. It does involve some risks.

 Therefore , an anesthesiologist should choose a health institution with intensive care facilities.. In addition, there should be special rooms for hair transplantation in this establishment. We do hair transplantation in one of the most well-known private hospitals in Turkey. Hair transplantation is performed by Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy. Dr Yakup Şensoy has an ISHRS certificate for hair transplantation. Sapphire FUE is the most successful technique.

Recommendations for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Question: I decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey. I talked to some centers. But I still want to consult you . What should I pay attention to? What are the recommendations for hair transplantation in Turkey?

Simon *** Brussels  Belgium March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):  Turkey is a very good option for hair transplantation. However, on the other hand, the place where you will have hair transplantation must be a health institution. Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. Therefore, the doctor should do it. You should find an experienced doctor. Do not be fooled by the number of grafts from futures in advertisements. These are the very technical aspects of the job. In addition, the doctor will plan them in the most accurate way. As a result, you have to trust him. In the meantime, be clear about your expectations. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Turkey is a safe country. It is also one of the candidate countries of the European Union. They have legal obligations towards the European Union. For these reasons, you will not lose your rights. 

But The center you choose for hair transplantation should be a known health institution . First of all, you should choose a health center with all kinds of facilities. Istanbul is a big metropolis. For this reason, there are all kinds of accommodation and transportation possibilities. It is quite cheap compared to Europe. You can easily make a reservation online. Turkish Hair Transplant

Who Are the Doctors Performing Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Question: I would like to have a hair transplant done by a doctor, following your advice. I’m doing research. Which doctors in Istanbul do hair transplantation? Do you have a list?  Who are the hair transplant doctors in Turkey?

Pier*** Paris France March 2022

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):  You made the right decision. Only doctors can perform hair transplantation in Turkey . But unfortunately, people who are not doctors but who introduce themselves as doctors can have hair transplantation. So being a nurse or medical technician is not enough. Doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons with medical aesthetic certificates can perform hair transplantation in Turkey. In other words, not all doctors are authorized. In addition, if these doctors have hair transplant certificates, it is a plus for that doctor. Especially big and prestigious hospitals pay attention to these rules. For these reasons, choose doctors who are known and experienced in hair transplantation.

Turkish Hair Transplant, Dr Yakup Şensoy MD.

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