Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Ben *** Bremen Germany February 2022

Question: My friends say that hair transplantation is painful. How much Is this pain? Is there a lot of pain in hair transplantation? Is hair transplantation painful?

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): We apply local anesthesia during hair transplantation. After all the preparations are made, we first anesthetize the donor area on the nape from which we are going to purchase. Then we apply a liquid containing an anesthetic substance under the skin. After these stages, we move on to the collection of grafts. Normally, you do not feel pain as this area is completely numb. However, there is pain due to the stinging of the needles during anesthesia. When there is pain during the operation, we will completely eliminate your pain by performing additional anesthesia. In other words, you do not need to be afraid, you will not feel pain after certain stages. During channel opening, we apply local anesthesia in the same way on the front side.

How Painful Will It Be in Hair Transplantation?

Jonas *** Vienna Austria February 2022

Question : I am normally afraid of even needles. I want to have a hair transplant, but I’m afraid it will be painful? How painful is hair transplantation?

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): In hair transplantation, you feel pain during the preparation phase, that is, during the numbing phase of the area. There is a pain due to the stinging of the needles. However, in people who are very afraid like you, a light anesthesia, that is, general anesthesia, can be applied if necessary. For this, you need to talk to us about this situation beforehand. In fact, general anesthesia is not a method we want very much. In addition, you will not feel any pain with local anesthesia. It is painful only if the needles are pierced during the anesthesia before the collection and then during the anesthesia before the canal opening. Other than that, you won’t feel any pain.

Is There Any Pain After Hair Transplantation?

Paul *** Frankfurt Germany February 2022

Question: Some of the people who had it had no pain after hair transplantation. But some also say they feel pain. Which one is right? Will there be pain after hair transplantation?

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): Normally, there is no pain after hair transplantation. In other words, a mild headache may be due to the effect of drugs and the effect of the long-term operation. But there is no severe pain or prolonged pain. As we said, this mild pain is already relieved with a simple painkiller. But if you feel severe pain, you should definitely contact the doctor who performed the hair transplant. Normally, when you take painkillers after hair transplantation, even if there is pain, it goes away.

How Long Does the Pain Last After Hair Transplantation?

Noah *** Hannover  Germany February 2022

Question: Some say there is pain for a few days after a hair transplant. What kind of pain is there after hair transplantation? How long does it take? How long does the pain last after hair transplantation?

Clinicante (Expert. Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): Normally, there may be a very slight pain in the area where hair transplantation is performed and in the head area in general. But there is no severe pain. If you have such pain, you should definitely contact your doctor. A headache that lasts for a few days at most. But as we said, this success is light. And it goes away with simple painkillers.

Does Headache Happen After Hair Transplantation?

Elias *** Düsseldorf Germany February 2022

Question : My head doesn’t normally hurt at all. But I had a hair transplant and I have a mild headache. Will there be a headache after hair transplantation?

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD):   There may be a slight headache after hair transplantation. But it goes away with oral painkiller tablets. The cause of this pain is due to reasons such as medications, a long-lasting procedure in that area, giving fluid to that area. Since these causes are eliminated, the headache is also mild and passes easily. In addition, there is usually no severe pain after hair transplantation.

Can Painless Hair Transplantation Be Done?

Karl *** Neudsadt Germany February 2022

Question: My pain threshold is very low. That’s why I’m a little hesitant. It would be great if I didn’t feel any pain. Is painless hair transplantation possible?

Clinicante (Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): Yes, painless hair transplantation can be done. But for this, it is necessary to give a slight anesthesia. In fact, general anesthesia is our last preferred method. Because it will be difficult to position you during anesthesia. In addition, the risks of general anesthesia come into play. Since the incoming anesthesia is included in the operation by an outside doctor, it is additionally charged for an extra fee. This situation should be agreed with your doctor in advance and you should go into the procedure prepared in that way. But the local anesthesia we do is also very comfortable. Only when anesthesia is done, the needles are painful. Other than that, you will not feel any significant pain.

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