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Turkey Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation – Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey -Turkish Hair Transplantation
Turkey Sapphire FUE Hair TransplantationClinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey -Turkish Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Center in Turkey

Which Hair Transplant Centre is the Best?

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure. Therefore, hair transplantation should not be performed by people who are not doctors. In fact, it is already prohibited. Therefore, prefer hospitals or surgical medical centres.

Which Hair Transplant Clinic is the Best?

Choosing the right clinic is the key to success. Hair transplantation is only done by doctors. Prefer centres where the doctor directly enters the procedures. Make sure that the person who introduces himself as a doctor is a doctor.

Where is the best hair transplant centre in Turkey?

I think it would be exaggerated to give a direct name. However, it would be more accurate to list the conditions that must be present in the best hair transplant centre. Thus, you can decide on the centre you want yourself. First of all, there should be a doctor in the clinic and a doctor should perform hair transplantation.
It should also be a fully equipped health institution. In other words, all kinds of emergency intervention should be possible. The general conditions of the clinic are also important. In addition to all these, an experienced team guarantees the best results.
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Who is the best doctor in hair transplantation?

Of course, the doctor’s experience in this field is very important. But in the clinic you go to, the doctor should perform these procedures personally. We do not recommend centres where only technicians perform procedures and the doctor is only visible. So the best doctor is the doctor who performs hair transplantation.

Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center?

Which clinic is best for hair transplant?

In fact, the best clinics are the clinics that do their job according to the rules. In other words, the doctor should do hair transplantation in the clinic. It is also a legal offence for nurses and technicians to perform hair transplantation alone. It can also cause irreparable damage. The best clinics are those that pay attention to hygienic conditions, use the correct hair transplantation technique and the clinics where doctors personally perform the application are the best clinics.

Where is the best place in the world to get a hair transplant?

The best place is the place where you can get results and the prices will not force you. You can find many centres in Turkey and Europe. Prices in Turkey are very advantageous compared to Europe. But in Turkey, we recommend clinics where only doctors work. The doctor must enter the procedures personally.

Who is World Best hair transplant surgeon?

In fact, to give a name would be to do injustice to many doctors. The best surgeon is the one who does his job in the right place and with the right technique. You can already understand this by looking at the results. If the doctor personally participates in the procedure, he is the best doctor. We also recommend that you avoid unrealistic promises.

Where should I get a hair transplant?

The answer to this question is quite clear. Hair transplantation can only be performed in health institutions. The most accurate address is hospitals and surgical medical centres. It is also mandatory for doctors to perform the procedures.

Best hair transplant centre

Is Turkey the best place to go for hair transplant?

Turkey is a good option for hair transplantation. Because it has a young and educated health force trained in this field. We have been applying the FUE method for a long time. We know that we are very successful in this regard. But we would like to remind you that only doctors can legally perform hair transplantation in Turkey.

Where should I have a hair transplant in Istanbul?

In Turkey, hair transplantation is legally performed only in licensed clinics and hospitals. Hair transplantation is strictly prohibited in any other centre. The procedures must be performed by the doctor personally. Avoid centres in Istanbul where non-doctors work.

Who is best hair transplant in Turkey?

We cannot answer the question “Who is the best hair transplant surgeon?” by giving a direct name. Because hair transplantation is a team effort. The doctor alone is not successful. It is the success of the team that is in question. If the doctor performs the hair transplant, if the hair transplant is performed under clinical conditions, it is the best team and the best clinic. This is our approach.

Are Turkish hair transplants good?

Yes, hair transplantation in Turkey is good. There are many experienced teams. But the most important criterion is that the doctor should do the hair transplant. Also, the team should be experienced and quick. All surgical rules must be followed in hair transplantation.

How much does 3000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

In general, we do not price by the number of grafts in Turkey. Hair transplantation is charged per session. But the average fee for 3000 grafts is between 2000-5000 Euro. It is very important that the doctor performs the hair transplant. The legal situation is already in place.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey compared to other countries

Are hair transplants better in Turkey?

Turkey has a very dynamic labour force. We have a very young population. Hair transplant surgery takes a long time. So the performance of the team has to be high. There is also a very high quality of doctors. All this makes the hair transplant teams in Turkey stand out.

Is Turkey better than UK for hair transplant?

Actually, it is not right to compare the two countries in this way. There are certainly very successful hair transplant surgeons in England. However, hair transplant prices in Turkey are more reasonable due to many factors. The prices of very good centres are only slightly lower than in England. We are only making this comparison for hair transplants performed by doctors. Hair transplants performed by technicians only are not included in this category. It is full of unpleasant surprises.

Do Turkish hair transplants work?

Of course, hair transplantation in Turkey is very successful. Because we have a lot of experience. Therefore, there are many hair transplant surgeon doctors. These mostly do hair transplantation themselves. In addition, more affordable prices make Turkey attractive.

Which country has best hair transplant?

If you arrive at one of Istanbul’s airports, you will be surprised. In almost every plane you will see a tourist returning to his country who has had a hair transplant. It is an interesting sight. Turkey has become a world leader in hair transplantation for many reasons.

Why Turkey is the Best?

Why is hair transplant better in Turkey?

Turkey switched to FUE much earlier than other countries. The FUE procedure is difficult and long, but much more successful. In recent years, Safir FUE has taken another step forward. It is a faster healing and more successful technique. In addition, the experience of the team in this process has increased greatly. For all these reasons, Turkey has become by far the best country in hair transplantation. Some of the teams have even started to perform hair transplants in European countries even though it is not legal. This is also an interesting situation.

Your Questions

Question: I have decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey. I’m trying to set my permissions. I searched the comments for the best hair transplant center. But everyone claims to be the best. Actually, this is natural.Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center? What do you think is the best hair transplant center?

Alexander *** Amsterdam Netherlands April 2022

Clinicante ( Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): First of all, only doctors are authorized to perform hair transplantation in Turkey. For this reason, the best hair transplant center is primarily a health institution. A hospital environment like the one we work with is most ideal. It is rare but requires urgent intervention. For example, if there is an allergic situation, all units, including anesthesia, should be ready for intervention. The center that promises you the highest number of roots does not mean a good center. Root count isn’t everything. It’s good to know this. On the other hand, it is necessary to plant enough roots. The more roots you need, the more we plant. For this, the donor area should be sufficient. In addition, we do not price based on the number of roots.

The doctor is not just a spectator in hair transplantation. He must personally participate in the transaction. Usually doctors open channels. They also plan the hair transplant from the beginning to the end. As a result, there should be an active doctor working in hair transplantation.

Which is the Best Hair Transplant Method?

Question: I want to come to Turkey for a hair transplant. But which hair transplant meth od is better? Firstly, It’s very difficult to decide. All in all it is a very professional field. Meanwhile, I know you are a doctor. That’s why I want to ask. Which is the best hair transplant method?

Paul *** Berlin Germany April 2022

Clinicante ( Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): Turkey has very experienced doctors in hair transplantation. Therefore, I can say that you made the right choice. But I understand your indecision about choosing the hair transplant method. Even doctors who have been in the profession for many years have difficulty choosing a method. However, on the other hand, according to us, the best hair transplant method is the Sapphire FUE method. Therefore, trauma to the hair follicles is minimal in the FUE method. In addition, hair transplantation takes less time in this method. Meanwhile, less roots remain outside the body. As a result, hair transplantation is easier. In other words, trauma is minimal during planting. Most importantly, wound healing is very fast in the Sapphire FUE method. As a result, to summarize briefly, the best hair transplantation method is Sapphire FUE.

Turkish Hair Transplantation – Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Hair Transplantation – Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey

Who is Turkey’s Best Hair Transplant Doctor?

Question: I am absolutely determined. I will come to Turkey. I will follow your advice and prefer the sapphire FUE method. But I’m looking for a doctor. Who is the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey?

Christoph *** Vienna Austria April 2022

Clinicante ( Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): In my opinion, the best hair transplant doctor is the one who personally performs the application. In many hair transplant centers, the doctor is only a spectator. This is not a very accurate application. The doctor plans the application from start to finish. In addition, he makes the most important step, the channel opening himself. This is how I do hair transplantation. The doctor should be present at every stage of hair transplantation. The doctor who does all these is the best hair transplant doctor in my opinion. I also suggest that a hospital or a medical centre is the best option for hair transplantation. A hospital where doctors from every branch of hair transplantation work is the safest hair transplantation centre.

Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center in Istanbul?

Question: I will come to Istanbul for a hair transplant. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s on the Asian side or the European side. Which is the best hair transplant center in Istanbul?

Gabriel *** Paris France April 2022

Clinicante ( Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Yakup Şensoy MD): In our opinion, the best hair transplant center is also a health institution. At the very least, it should operate within a health institution. So this is the first rule and the legal one.Secondly, of course, the doctor performs hair transplantation. This is also a legal obligation. Only doctors can legally perform hair transplantation in Turkey.Therefore, when choosing a center, first contact the doctor. If there is a doctor but does not participate in the procedures, do not choose this center. Also inquire about the doctor’s experience in hair transplantation. Which method is best? In our opinion, the best method is the sapphire FUE method. As a result, to summarize briefly, a health institution where the doctor performs hair transplantation is the best hair transplantation center in Istanbul.

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