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Clinicante Hair Transplant Center – Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

Saphire Fue Before And After
Saphire Fue Before And After – Clinicante Hair Transplant Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

Sapphire FUE Method

Hair Transplantation

İndeed, Hair transplantation with the FUE method is the best baldness treatment solution. In fact, we take your own hair and plant it wherever we want. First, we collect the hair together with its roots. Also, That’s why we call the process of getting roots as a whole unit FUE. If there are enough hair follicles on the upper part of your neck, we can perform a hair transplant. So if you have enough hair follicles, we get results. The first thing you need to know is “Hair transplant is a medical procedure”. In addition, hair transplantation should be planned very well. Of course, Only doctors apply hair transplantation. Therefore, it is mandatory to do it in a health institution.

Before And after 6 month saphire FUE
Before And after 6 month saphire FUE Clinicante Hair Transplant Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

Actually the most important question is are there enough roots to transfer? If our answer is yes, there is usually no obstacle. But, hair transplantation under the age of 25 is a little early. Truly, we must think again. We try to delay it as much as possible. Besides, If hair loss is caused by androgenic, hair transplantation is the most appropriate solution. Do you have a serious chronic illness? If your answer is no, there is usually no obstacle for medical hair transplantation.

Fue Hair Transplantation
Fue Hair Transplantation Clinicante Hair Transplant Dr Yakup Şensoy MD. Istanbul/Turkey

Which is the Best Method?

We do hair transplantation with the sapphire FUE method. We really think this method is the best method. In fact, there are methods such as DHI. There are those who call it the pen method. However, our experience is that the results of the Sapphire FUE method are much better. Hair roots are the same in both methods. But planting and canal are completely different. Incidentally, there is also the FUT method that we will talk about. But we do not use this method. There are not many users in Turkey either. In fact, we can say that it is a method we used in the past.

FUE Method Technique

First, we mark the area where we will collect the hair follicles. Then we clean this area with a disinfectant solution. Next, we do local anesthesia. After that we collect the roots using “micro punch” tips. We collect the roots one by one and gently. Next, we put the roots in the appropriate solution to let them sit for a while. After finishing the collection process, we open a channel. We open the channels using a sapphire tip. We plant the roots we collect one by one through these channels we opened. Thus, the operation ends.

Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center in Turkey?

Only health institutions are authorized for hair transplantation in Turkey. Legal permission in Turkey belongs only to these organizations. In addition, the person performing the application must be a doctor. Dr. Yakup Şensoy personally performs hair transplantation in our center. In addition, like other surgeries, it must be performed under sterile conditions. Dr Yakup Şensoy performs hair transplantation in a fully equipped private hospital. This hospital is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In addition, there are special rooms for hair transplantation in the hospital. We use these special rooms for hair transplantation. Our hospital has the same certificates as its European counterparts.

Turkish Hair Transplantation – Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Hair Transplantation – Clinicante Hair Transplantation Center – Specialist Dr Yakup Şensoy Istanbul Turkey

Who can do a hair transplant?

Only doctors are authorized to do hair transplantation in Turkey. This is valuable if the doctor has a certificate. It is also very important to have experience. You have to take all this into account. Do not prefer places where only technicians work. Be sure to question the doctor’s diploma. Even a little research on the internet will suffice. So you can achieve the results you want.

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